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smartphone recycling design


South Korea

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iPhone Up - cycling Product Multi-Radio  / mark&draw

The radio is something that brought a lot of happiness and uplifting to my life at a young age.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason I love the radio so much. Maybe it was the music, the DJs, or the situations that came with using my radio from unfamiliar vacation spots,

reading in the attic til late in the night, the shabby corner in my old neighborhood, the music, and stories that came trickling out of neighborhood stores.

I begin to reminisce when I look at the radio. Sure there are TV’s as well, but TV’s continually become more innovative as time passes on.

Radio’s on the other hand, keep their analog charm even as time goes on. This is why I like radios.

smartphone recycling design "I ready O"
smartphone recycling design
smartphone recycling design

Design inspiration by Retro radios

"i ready o" is a new smartphone recycling method designed by mark&draw.
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