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Our motto is to start our creative process from the very details of everyday lifestyle and needs. We aim to adhere to the same level of detail and precision such as the pioneers of creative constructors – strategists, engineers, and researchers. Therefore, our name Mark & Draw derives from the very action that births any artistic expression – a multitude of tangible marks and drawings to interpret an intangible vision.

전략가,엔지니어,연구원 등과 같이 더 나은 솔루션을 찾는 사람들에겐 일상적인 일은 마킹marking과 드로잉drawing 입니다. 마크앤드로우 'mark&draw'는 그 사소하지만 필수적인 행위에서 영감을 받아 시작되었습니다. 유행이나 외형에 국한되지 않고, 사물의 본질에 집중하여 진정성있는 제품을 만드는 것이 마크앤드로우 'mark&draw'의 모토입니다. 오늘도 우리는 편하고 튼튼하며 아름다운 제품을 만들기 위해 사람을 관찰하고 기술과 트랜드를 연구합니다.

我们的座右铭是从人们日常生活和需求里的每一个细微的细节中开始我们的创作过程. 我们旨在坚持同一的细节和战略家, 工程师与研究人员一样富有创意先驱建设者一般的精确度. 因此, 我们的商标Mark&Draw源自产生任何艺术表现形式的行为,即大量有形的标记和图画来诠释无形的视觉表现.

PHILOSOPHY   /   OEM &ODM Service designed by mark&draw


The goal of our brand

We aim to provide price-friendly
products that embody not only
our standards of design but also
the needs of our users.





The concept of our design

We design with exceptional attention to
detail and completeness which contain a
story of the usability of the product as well as
the role of space.




Our product family

We intend to bring efficiency
as well as aesthetics to your
home and lifestyle.





Mark&draw is a new lifestyle brand founded by designers with wide experience of industrial design. 
We aim to provide price-friendly products that embody not only our standards of design but also the needs of our users.
Our design focus on three primary product family - home, office, outdoor, with exceptional attention to detail and completeness

which contains a story of the usability of the product as well as the role of space.


我们旨在提供价格合理的产品, 这些产品不仅体现我们的设计标准, 还表现我们用户的需求.

我们的设计专注于家庭, 办公室, 户外这三种主要产品, 正因为它们需要特别注重细节和完整性, 其中包含相关产品的可用性以及空间的作用性.

OEM &ODM Service


Our philosophy is to work intimately with our clients as a single team, taking time to understand their limitations as well as opportunities,

to propose solutions that work for their situation. We believe in products and it’s intrinsic ties with the brand.

Our focus is to create solutions that win the hearts of the consumers and help our clients develop powerful brands. Give us a call,

we would love to get together to discuss the problem we’ll solve together.




请联系我们, 我们很乐意聚在一起讨论我们即将共同解决的问题.

FACTORY   /   OEM &ODM Service made by mark&draw

Mark&draw is composed of a lot of designers and visionaries with over 18 years of experience in a wide range of design fields.

so have a strict and meticulous QC system in order to be satisfied with our clients. We have the advantage of being made up of designers,

and we manufacture products with detail and care for our customers. we hold numerous international design awards (IDEA, GOOD, REDDOT) and design & utility patents for our design. we are personally passionate about applying appropriate design solutions to specific problems from strategic brand solutions to short term product designs.


为此, 我们拥有由一群设计师构成组织的优势, 那就是拥有一个严格而细致的质量控制体系, 以满足我们的客户.

而且,我们生产细致的产品, 保证我们对客户的服务. 我们为我们的设计赢得了众多国际设计大奖(IDEA, GOOD DESIGN, REDDOT) 以及其他实用性奖项. 我们热衷于将适当的设计解决方案应用于从战略品牌解决到短期产品设计的特定问题.


Mark&draw is a Seoul and California based innovation firm that builds product and service solutions that builds brands and drive business.

Our unique set of capabilities and experience helps us craft specific and tangible solutions that help our clients achieve their market goals.


我们独特的能力和经验帮助我们制定具体而切实的解决方案, 以帮助我们的客户实现其市场目标.

CLIENTS   /   Cooperated with mark&draw


Our experience spans a wide range from global consulting firms (CONTINUUM/ American Consulting Company), Manufactures (MODU MOBILE/ Israel IT Advanced Company ).

We continue to remain hands-on in design. throughout our experience, we have been involved in a wide range of product categories including Telecommunication,

Consumer goods, furniture, environmental design, retail design, sporting equipment, and various home appliances. we have served both global clients (DELL, SAMSUNG, 

SOFT BANK, PHILLIPS, SK TELECOM) as well as several startup company's products.

我们的经验范围广泛, 包括全球咨询公司(CONTINUUM/ 美国咨询公司), 制造商(MODU MOBILE/ 以色列IT先进公司).

我们在设计上一直坚持动手能力. 根据我们的经验, 我们参与了广泛的产品类别, 包括电信, 消费品, 家具, 环境设计, 零售设计, 运动器材和各种家用电器. 我们已经为全球客户(戴尔, 三星, 软银, 菲利普, SK电信等)以及多家初创公司的产品提供服务.

BEST DESIGN AWARD  /   Recognized by IDEA, Reddot Design, Good design, IF Design


We are proud to have won the most prestigious awards in the world recognized by most of the well-known awards.

The design of mark & draw has been verified by more reputable design awards including International design excellence awards("IDEA"),

reddot design award, Good design award, IF design award.

我们为获得世界上最负盛名的奖项而感到自豪, 这些奖项被大多数知名奖项所认可.

Mark&draw的设计已经通过了国际优秀设计奖 IDEA, Reddot Design, Good Design, IF Design在内的具有声誉的设计奖项的验证.


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