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fire extinguisher design

FIRO Wall-mounted fire extinguisher


South Korea

Household items
Fire extinguisher / LEXON

The existing fire extinguisher has several problems.
Fire extinguishers should be stored in a place that is easily visible and accessible. but due to problems with the size and appearance of the fire extinguisher, they are gradually moved to places that are not visible.Eventually, it is hidden in invisible place. This is a significant risk in the event of fire. 
Also, due to the heavy and complicated use, it is hesitant to use the fire extinguisher even if it is in front of it.

By observing the various behaviors of users, we propose a home fire extinguisher that proposes an easier UX (user experience).
First of all, it can be installed and stored in a place that is always in view and accessible. It is designed to operate the fire extinguisher just by pressing a simple button. It has a design that does not remind you of a fire extinguisher, so it naturally melts into space, and uses point colors to make it easy to find in emergency situations. Also, it is easy to detach and use, so it is designed with consideration for children, the elderly, and women to use it easily.

fire extinguisher design
fire extinguisher design
fire extinguisher design
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