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volcanic incense burner

Aroma mountain

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Household items
Incense burner / 2018 

  • Inspired by the natural beauty of a calm volcano, Aroma Mountain mimics the gripping scene of smoke rising over the top like no other incense burner.

  • Simple yet modern frame is sure to refine any space with a drop of elegance.

  • With the soothing look and scent, the Aroma Mountain can increase one’s concentration, stress relief as well as emotional healing.

  • The aluminum base is finished with an oil coating method that gives much more a luxurious sheen to the aluminum surface compared to regular coatings.

  • Material: ABS + PPS, Aluminum / Dimensions: 187 x 107 x 53mm(WxLxH) / Compatible with both Incense Stick and Cone.

  • 灵感来自平静的火山, 花山与其他香炉不同之处在于模仿了烟雾萦绕在山顶的迷人场景.

  • 简单而现代的外形必然会给您带来一丝优雅的空间.

  • 具有舒缓的外观和香味,花山可以增加注意力,缓解压力,以及情感愈合.

  • 铝基表面采用油性涂层,与普通涂层相比,油性涂层为铝表面提供了更为奢华的光泽.

  • 材质: ABS+PPS,铝/尺寸: 187*107*53mm(W*L*H)/ 香烛与香锥相兼容.

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volcanic incense burner
volcanic incense burner
volcanic incense burner
volcanic incense burner
a bolcanic incense burner
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