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템플 아로마 스톤 (Plaster air freshener design)

Aroma stone

South Korea

New style aroma teraphy

Temple / 2022

We have proposed a new way of aromatherapy for brand "Temple", which provides body and mind comfort to tired people.
Designed by mark&draw, "temple aromatherapy" is easier, more convenient, and eco-friendly without using fire or electricity. Drop the oil onto the plaster stone and fill the room with a drowsy and cozy scent like sunlight. We used a form factor that minimizes discarded items and makes it easier to use by putting products that need to be purchased individually, such as oil and stones used in aromatherapy.

It is designed with a minimal and emotional objet so that it can naturally permeate any space you use with a pleasant scent.

템플 아로마 스톤 (Package design)
템플 아로마 스톤 (Package design)
템플 아로마 스톤 (aroma teraphy)
템플 아로마 스톤 (Package design)
템플 아로마 스톤 (석고방향제 디자인)
템플 아로마 스톤 (Package design)
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