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GG Medicine Box


South Korea

Home  appliance
Medicine box / GG LAB / 2021

Modern people have various types of diseases. From simple colds and allergies to adult diseases and incurable diseases that need long-term treatment, they always live close to each other. What about storing these medicine?

The reality is that boxes and drawers are stored in irregular places in each way.

The problem is that not only this, but also it is difficult to take it at the exact time. In particular, this problem stands out for the marginalized elderly.
"GG medicine Box" is a design project that contains various types of medicine in one box to solve this problem.

In particular, more than 10 modes are available to set alarms at the time you need to take medicine, and it is designed to allow systematic storage of

various types of containers, including ointment, bottles, and medicine bags in manufacturing form. In addition, it is designed to be useful not only for the silver generation but also for both men and women of all ages in their daily lives as it has built-in radio and smartphone charging and sterilization donations.

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