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Mask  protective case PLUS
/ Anti-Bacteria Mask protective case 

Home supplies
Mask Case / 2020.10 

Mask protective case PlUS features a higher-end value design, antibacterial material, and dehumidification storage than the existing mask cases.

Existing mask cases were always placed in a bag and used only when necessary. However, Mask protective case PLUS has a slim size that not only fits into a bag or pocket but also aspects a minimalist exterior design that can be placed and used in various environments.

By applying beautiful cobblestone-like curvatures to the front of the case, it gives the design line a simple and unobtrusive feel and enhances the level of completion. This is not an antibacterial product that only eradicates bacteria, but also has an antibiotic function so that the mask can be stored and used more hygienically.

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Examining the composition of the inner part, there is a secondary space to store extra masks, so it can be useful when traveling outside for a long time.

In addition, there is a mini storage box for the deodorant under the main storage space, so it conducts a double anti-bacterial function as an anti-bacterial agent and a deodorant.


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