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M-Tissue Box

All-in-one Desk Organizer

Household items
Desk Organizer / 2021 

M-Tissue Box is Mark&Draw`s product that reflects the increasing trend of home offices.

Mark&Draw continues to design and create products by observing space, products, and people in three categories: home, office, and outdoor,

finding problems and reflecting solutions. M-Tissue Box is a product that continues the previous series of Mark&Draw, Deskark,

and is also designed for convenient use by organizing various items on the desk. It is a product that receives feedback from users and

improves them while using DeskArk.Tissue can be used by putting it in a box, and the point is to put a tape dispenser on the back.

Also, the storage of various writing instruments and office supplies is basic. Experience a clean desk.

201017-M-Tissue 랜더링.755.png
201017-M-Tissue 랜더링.756.png
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