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South Korea 

Escape hammer

M-hammer is the result of markndraw, which waw worried about people`s safety.

Existing escape hammers are hidden in storage rather than invisible places due to ther poor design. the M-Hammer has a good design and can be used in visible place, not in storage. it is designed to keep your body safe in emergency sityation when a escape hammer needed.

The blade hidden inside the M-hammer can help your escape from the car incident, and the flashlight on the other side of the hammer helps ypur escape quickly in a dark environment. M-hammer can be used in a various spaces, such as in cars, karaoke, accommodation, and home, making it an ideal choice for travel agencies, mobility companies, hotels, and hospitals.

rendering 5.png
in the car.png
crash window.png
seat belt cutting.png
use a lighting.png
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