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Mark&draw is a Seoul and California based innovation firm that build product and service solutions that builds brands and drive business. Our unique set of capabilities and experience helps us craft specific and tangible solutions that help our clients achieve their market goals. Our philosophy is to work intimately with our clients as a single team, taking time to understand their limitations as well as opportunities, to propose solutions that work for their situation. We believe in products and it’s intrinsic ties with the brand. Our focus is to create solutions that win the hearts of the consumers and help our clients develop powerful brands. Give us a call, we would love to get together to discuss the problem we’ll solve together.

We observe and understand.
Trend.Technology. Material.

Beautiful brand experiences are created when the consumers connects with the promise through products & services. Those moments lie in that sweet spot where the soul of the brand connects with the consumer’s heart. At mark&draw , we create products & services that emotionally connects the consumer with the brand.